Chanel West Coast Takes Her Breast Out For A Selfie


MTV star and rapper Chanel West Coast takes her breast out for a selfie in the disturbing photo above.

This Chanel West Coast tit out photo perfectly encapsulates the average infidel “Millennial” woman, for she is an overweight frumpy mudshark whore covered in ugly prison tats who seeks validation by taking extremely slutty and deceptively angled photos of her nude sex organs.

Of course Chanel West Coast didn’t stop at just prostituting her bare boobie, for as you can see in the candid swimsuit photos below she also flaunts her dumpy coal burner ass. To think that this trashy and utterly worthless woman (who’s womb is no doubt so damaged from her numerous STDs and back-alley abortions that she can no longer give birth to even a single baby) is revered in the Western world as a celebrity, just goes to show how irredeemably depraved Western culture has become… And how desperately the West needs us morally superior Muslims to come purge their filth with our righteous stones.


Date: May 11, 2022