Natalie Portman "Thor" Casting Couch Sex Video Released


Natalie Portman is returning to the her role in the Marvel universe, starring in the upcoming blockbuster film “Thor: Love and Thunder”… And after seeing what appears to be Natalie’s casting couch audition for the film in the sex video below, it is clear how she got back in Marvel’s good graces.

Yes, after famously pronouncing that she would never again appear in a Marvel movie as they are comic book claptrap beneath an actress of her status, Natalie Portman is now not only back but taking on the leading role of “Lady Thor”.

However, after being so publicly and rudely shunned by Natalie, Marvel producers did not simply gift her back her starring spot… But rather they required that she go through their vigorous “audition process” once again, of which this sex video is no doubt a part.

Of course Natalie is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to land an acting job… For despite her putting on airs in recent years, let us not forget that Natalie spent the majority of her early career whoring herself for any piddling part she could get.

Date: May 12, 2022