1980's Nude Group Shower Scenes Remastered And Enhanced

The video below features the “Porky’s (1981)” and “Private School (1983)” nude group shower scenes remastered and enhanced in high definition.

These are certainly two of the most brazenly depraved group nude scenes on the entire 1980’s, and so it is difficult to say which one causes our pious tunic snakes to grow more rigid and froth at the tip with righteous indignation…

For even though the “Porky’s” nude shower scene features quite a bit more full frontal nudity… The “Private School” nude shower scene centers around Lynda Wiesmeier… Who’s all-natural immodestly bulbous boobs and butt are so grotesquely feminine that it causes one to struggle to conjure the perfect masculine image of the blessed Prophet (PBUH) to strike the cursed vision of her naked body from one’s mind.