Bella Thorne Flaunts Her Sex Skills

Of course women like Bella Thorne are only good for one thing… But since they don’t use whores for target practice in the backwards and barbaric Western world, she is left thinking that her purpose in life is to be an object of sexual desire.

Bella Thorne flaunts her depraved sex skills in the disturbing video clips below.

And while Bella’s tongue swirling is admittedly impressive, it certainly becomes less remarkable when one remembers that as a 22-year-old former Disney star she has been sucking dick for nearly half of her life.

Yes, it is clear that Western women like Bella Thorne have severe self-esteem issues… Which is to say that they have way too much self-esteem, and lack the self-awareness to realize that they are utterly worthless pieces of trash… And that the only desires they will ever elicit out of us pious Muslims is the overwhelming urge to lapidate them with the Sharia stones of justice.