FULL VIDEO: Dwight Howard Share Nude With Transgender Masin Elije Leaked!

NBA star Dwight Howard share nudes photos and sex tape videos with transgender name Masin Elije leaks online She is claiming that she had an online encounter with NBA star Dwight Howard. Masinelije and the NBA star had an online relationship. Dwight Howard is denying the trans-lady’s claims, but the woman has some receipts. Maisin provided screenshots showing that she appears to have had some interaction with a person operating Dwight Howard’s personal Instagram account. I was afraid to speak but today my life was threatened after I was sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated, by someone I respected, my ex boyfriend NBA player Dwight Howard, and his camp also “”catfished”” by his disrespectful ass PASTOR pic.twitter.com/n1I1fwDcUw — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 Before we start, I just need to say this is really about his team and his crooked PASTOR threatening my life over an unsigned NDA and he has been trying to intimidate ME into taking “hush money” for what they did to me. — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 I met Dwight a while back, at Wild N Out to be exact, we made eye contact, and a week later he was in my DM’s. I’m use to dealing with celebrities so automatically I told him hit me from his “finsta” (fake page) so our convo wouldn’t get leaked, I mean he is a “Legend” pic.twitter.com/mEddupdJPe — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 He was fine, 6’11, goofy, very charming, NO WIFE and NEVER been married so of course I was interested. I kept it real with him, and he kept it real with me about everything EXCEPT 1 THING….. — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 Fast forward, I’m finally face to face with Dwight! And after that day, from my understanding we had a understanding. So I’ll just upload this screen record here just in case his team decides to lie. (Ain’t no girl gon ask you this) pic.twitter.com/JMfhPbUJL0 — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 So I find out that he is basically sleeping with someone else….. and here is how that went pic.twitter.com/DoXEw5qc0Q — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 SO THIS IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS…. So one day, I started getting private calls, I was told that it was Dwight, I entertained a couple conversations but turns out IT WAS NOT DWIGHT! — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 I began to be STALKED and harassed by this person FOR DAYS. They even called from Russia pic.twitter.com/0xxp562Wnb — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 Each tweet in that Dwight Howard thread gets weirder and weirder and weirder and weirder and weirder pic.twitter.com/6OgbsVABqU — Angel Diaz (@ADiaz456) November 25, 2018 So this is the someone else, A transgender prostitute that he ALSO had a “understanding” with pic.twitter.com/RG0XdiILwH — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) November 25, 2018 I mean Dwight Howard is from Atlanta…. pic.twitter.com/IPR6wFsIsK — I hate Justin Bobby (@_JustinBobby_) November 25, 2018 Anybody cracking basic ass jokes about this Dwight Howard situation need to get a grip. Athletes love trans women, like many of your friends. This ain’t new. And neither is the abuse and violence they throw our way because of their insecurities. — Raquel Willis (@RaquelWillis_) November 25, 2018 I am super excited to announce that my book “INDUSTRY HOE” is now AVAILABLE for purchase! https://t.co/zpZSEOpPT7 pic.twitter.com/VLXWlMBUhk — Masin Elijè (@MasinElije) September 22, 2018

View this post on Instagram You feel the vibe, It’s contagious. A post shared by Masin Elijè (@masinelije) on Nov 6, 2018 at 6:55pm PST

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