Willa Fitzgerald Nude Debut And Full Frontal Selfies

Willa Fitzgerald appears to have just released the full frontal selfie photos above online right on the heels of making her nude debut on the Amazon TV series “Reacher” in the video clip below.

Willa must have thought that since her fans are going to see her itty bitty titties anyway then she might as well give them the full view of her naked body, but she should have bent over and spread her cheeks to the camera as well just to be more thorough.

Of course despite Willa being a senior citizen at 30-years-old, her body is pleasingly underdeveloped and androgynous. In fact, this “Jack Reacher” guy certainly knows what he is doing (and wouldn’t surprise us if he is a Muslim) by taking Willa in the shower like this, for with her hair slicked back she could pass as a girl of a proper breeding age.