Peyton List Nude Under The Christmas Tree

Some Zionist Hollywood producer must not have been very good this year (probably because he is a filthy Jew), as Santa leaves former Disney star Peyton List nude for him in the photo above.

It is no secret that Peyton List has been desperate to shed her good girl Disney image so that she can take on more mature roles and prolong her pathetic acting career. Of course Peyton is willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen, but of all the young up-and-coming girls in heathen Hollywood eager to slob on knobs to get to the top she is definitely not one of the better looking ones.

Yes as you can see from the video clip above, Peyton is remarkably average in every way, and there are certainly 2 or 3 hotter women working at the local Starbucks (who probably have just as much acting “talent”). If Peyton is going to make it as an adult in Showbiz, her orifices are going to have to be in the giving spirit all year long.