Peyton List Takes Up Nude Modeling

20-year-old Disney star Peyton List appears to have taken up nude modeling, as she shows off her sinfully smooth naked body in the photo below.

As a Disney Channel alum becoming a nude model was a natural transition for Peyton, for she has no doubt already spent a good deal of her professional career sprawled out naked on couches during various “auditions”.

Unfortunately the nude photos from those early Peyton List auditions are probably locked away in the private collections of Disney executives, and we are just left with the boring scraps of a worn out Peyton flaunting her sloppy bare butt cheeks in photos like the ones above and below.

In fact, its certainly disappointing that Peyton did not spice this photo up some by sticking that popsicle in one of her famously tight little orifices. Especially considering (if the rumors are true) she performed a similar feat during the casting call for the Disney show “Bunk’d”.