Avril Lavigne Shows Her Bare Boobs With The Help Of AI X-Ray Tech

As you can see from her new gratuitous side boob photos above, washed-up old rock star Avril Lavigne is desperate to show off her new bulbous breast implants…

However, even though Avril’s depraved desire to display her blown-up boobs bags is certainly intense she is still under the mistaken impression that she has some semblance of a career, and so she must maintain a false façade of modesty. Luckily for Avril us pious Muslims are here to help her out of her predicament, as we have used our AI (Advanced Islamic) X-ray image technology to expose her tit sacks in the photo above.

Now that Avril’s chesticles are out in the open, she can freely unleash them whenever she wants… And for our part us righteous Muslims will use those displays against her at her eventual trial in Sharia court… A win-win situation to be sure.