Camila Cabello's Hungry Ass Eats Her Dress

Pop star Camila Cabello’s hungry ass cheeks devour her dress while out for a walk in the photos below.


As you can see Camila is one out of control bitch, for not only does she squat down to take a dump in her neighbor’s lawn, but she then bares her teeth while lunging at a smaller dog… Showing once again why Camila is not allowed at most of the respectable dog parks in the Los Angeles area.

Yes, while Camila may seem friendly by the way that she wags her tail, it is clear that her owner should put her in a burka and muzzle for public safety reasons. For the last thing anyone needs is to have to get a rabies shot from either being mauled by this mangy mutt or from feeding her insatiable booty a heaping serving of man meat.