Caroline Vreeland Nudes Colorized And Topless Sunbathing

The photo above features busty actress Caroline Vreeland’s formerly black and white nude pics colorized using our AI (Advanced Islamic) deep learning technology.

Not only do we get to see Caroline’s blasphemously bulbous breasts in color, but she also airs out her massive mammaries while sunbathing topless in the candid photos below.


Of course Caroline brazenly baring her bosomy boobies like this is an outrageous offense to Islam, as the holy Qur’an is very clear that a woman’s body is a sinful and shameful sight that must be hidden away behind a burka at all times… And with Caroline’s oversized sex organs making her frame extra feminine, the fact that she continues to refuse to properly contain them is a further slap in the face to us pious Muslims… One that we will no doubt experience once again when her enormous udders are jiggling around while being tongue lashed for these crimes against morality.