Jennifer Lopez's Shocking Sexualization Revelation

Of course this is all a part of the second wave of the #MeToo movement… As the first wave centered around irrelevant whores bitching about having sucked dick to get ahead, while this new wave appears to be about successful slutty starlets whining about making millions off of being used as sex objects.

In the end, this progressive feminist backlash is exactly what the Zionists who run Hollywood deserve for basing their business off of peddling depravity to the hopelessly degenerate infidel masses.

Jennifer Lopez has come forward with the shocking revelation that she has been “sexualized” by men in heathen Hollywood throughout her career, as you can see by the photo above of her receiving a wedgie in a thong.

For if a worthless Puerto Rican whore like J-Lo can come out and claim victimhood at the hands of a system that gave her fame and fortune for starring in such shitty films as “Anaconda” (above), then clearly the whole entertainment apparatus needs to be blown-up (preferably literally, but at the very least figuratively).