Jordyn Jones Wins Halloween With 3 Slutty Costumes

Social media starlet Jordyn Jones wins Halloween by prostituting her perky tits and tight round ass as a slutty cowgirl, horny school girl, and cock crazed pirate on TikTok in the video below.

With most of heathen Hollywood celebrities hunkered down in their mansions ignoring Halloween while adhering to California’s mandatory state order of no holiday fun due to the Shanghai sniffles, there was certainly limited competition for top Halloween harlot this year.

Of course that isn’t to take away too much from Jordyn’s accomplishment, for she is certainly one of the hardest working whores in the game today. But one can not help but feel that if California had not cancelled Halloween out of cowardly fear of the ching chong cough, Jordyn’s blasphemously brazen behavior would have been a footnote instead of the main feature.