Kamala Harris Foot Fetish Inauguration Celebration

Today Kamala Harris is being sworn is as the first Black-Indian (and any other minority she thinks she can pass for) woman Vice-President in United States history, and to celebrate this momentous accomplishment she appears to jerk off her cuckold husband with her stinky scaly feet in the video below.

While Vice President Kamala Harris clearly has a severe foot fetish, she is no doubt not going to let it interfere with the important work she must now do spending American tax payer money on outlandish social programs.

In fact, already Kamala has completed her daily workout with her Bernie Sanders supporting trainer (see above), and is hard at work brainstorming on how to federally subsidize more black owned businesses (see below).

Yes, Kamala Harris’ story is certainly going to go down as one of the greatest in US history… As in a matter of months she transformed herself from a widely reviled politician (who could only muster a measly 3% of the vote in the Democratic primary), to a Vice President that is so beloved that she requires 25,000 armed soldiers at her inauguration to keep the adoring American masses at bay.