Kelly Hall Nude Photos Leaked

British glamour model Kelly Hall has reportedly just had the nude photos below leaked to the Web.


For those who do not know, in England “glamour models” are fat tittied sluts who think they are too good to show off their nude banged out cock caves in magazines. Kelly Hall certainly fits that description, and even goes as far as to obscure her bare lady lips in these naked pics.

Perhaps that is because something is not quite right between her legs, for the last picture in this set suggests that Kelly Hall is actually a hermaphrodite packing a hog that is many times the size of your average infidel British male’s pathetically tiny knob. Of course if Kelly really is a he/she that would only make her more popular with the hopelessly depraved English masses, for it is estimated that 99.5% of all UK men are secretly harboring intense homoqueer fantasies.