Kendall Jenner Nude Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Kendall Jenner appears to show off her nude tits in the behind-the-scenes photos above from her Valentine’s Day lingerie photo shoot with her sisters Kylie and Kim (as you can see in the gallery below).


Of course you can leave it to a clan of brazen Jezebels like the Kardashian/Jenners to take a blasphemous holiday like Valentine’s Day and make it even worse by using it to whore their bodies for a quick buck.

And while Kendall’s sister Kylie simply has to show her fat ass in a thong (see below) to get aspiring mudsharks to buy this underwear, Kendall has to go the extra mile by flaunting her nude tits and ass just to keep pace.

Yes, Kendall has once again shown that what she lacks in curves she makes up for with nudity. Let us pray that whatever dirk skin she is currently laying with this Valentine’s Day decides he has had enough of her shit, and culturally enriches her skull with the business end of a Colt-45 bottle.