Lorena Rae Nude Outtakes Leaked

Victoria’s Secret model Lorena Rae has just had the nude outtake photos below leaked online.


With Apple tightening security on celebrity iPhones, these nude photo shoot outtakes are certainly going to be the wave of the future. For photographers have large archives of naked pics of models and actresses that never made it into publication that are just sitting collecting dust on hard drives. Add to that security camera footage of backstages and dressing rooms, and there is a hefty amount of celeb nudity just waiting to be exploited.

Yes, Lorena Rae should be honored that her nude outtakes have been chosen to be leaked when there are certainly pics of far more famous and bustier women available. For when in front of a camera these degenerate exhibitionist infidel Jezebels can not help but whip out their sinful sex organs… You can see more of Lorena Rae’s pics here.