Madison Pettis' Ass Modeling Lingerie

As you can see from the video and photos below, former Disney star Madison Pettis has really embraced her new role as a spokeswhore peddling cheap lingerie on social media.

Of course the whole concept of lingerie is offensive to Islam, for the holy Qur’an is very clear that the only article of clothing that amplifies a woman’s desirability is a thick black wool burka… And after seeing a frizzy haired floozy like Madison flaunting her dumpy derriere in this lingerie, I think we can all agree that once again us Muslims have been proven right.


Yes, a woman’s bare flesh is a sinful sight, and brazen sluts like Madison need to learn to be properly ashamed of their blasphemous bodies… Thankfully you can rest assured knowing that, whether it be through furious floggings or deep dickings of their anus hole, us righteous Muslims are more than capable of hammering this important point home when necessary.