Maitland Ward Begging For It In Her Latest Nude Pics

Former Disney star Maitland Ward is just begging for it in her latest nude photos below.


Of course what Maitland is begging for is a vigorous flogging followed swiftly by a severe stoning. For Maitland’s bloated backside and banged out piss flaps are an abomination, and she ocular assaults our pious Muslim eyes every time she flaunts them in front of the camera.

Believe it or not Maitland Ward even had the gall to ask “Now what?” in this photo. Well Maitland since you asked I’ll tell you now what, save us all some trouble and bash yourself in the head with a rock then toss your fat ass off that balcony. Of course the resulting impact would send shock waves through the surrounding area blowing out windows and flipping over cars, but that is probably not anything different than what happens when Maitland’s blubbery butt cheeks flap together after eating at Chipotle.