Sarah Hyland Humps A Surfboard In A Thong

“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland humps a surfboard while out in the middle of the ocean in a thong bikini in the disturbing photo below.


There is certainly no denying that Sarah Hyland has always been deeply depraved… But for her to take her sluttery to sea in violation of Sharia nautical law is just a step too far.

Yes, even though Sarah has the tight nubile body of a girl of a halal breeding age she will not be spared the righteous retribution that is coming for her…

For the fatwa denouncing Sarah’s crimes against morality is nearly finished, and when it is issued you can rest assured that it will be scathing rebuke of her sickeningly sinful behavior.

For sticks and stones may break Sarah’s bones, but our holy Islamic words will really hurt her as they cut to the core of her being with biting wit and devastating insights into her degenerate nature.