Skai Jackson Nude Selfie Photos Released

Former Disney star Skai Jackson appears to have just released the topless nude selfie photos above.

Skai Jackson has made hateful comments towards Muslims in the past (amongst her numerous other online controversies), and so there is no doubt that these topless nude pics are just her latest attempt to attack Islam…

For Skai showing off her wonky blasphemous brown boobies instead of her black backside not only ocularly assaults our pious Muslim eyes, but it provides us with no information about her value as an abid field-hand.

Of course Skai not including her savage Sub-Saharan shitbox in these nude pics might not totally be motivated by hate, as shame may have also played a role. For as you can see she has a remarkably small butt for a black girl, thus making her ill-equipped to pull the plow on our poppy plantations. Proving once again the wisdom of the holy Qur’an which so elegantly states that “A nigra with no ass is as useless as tits on a man”.