Twitch Streamer "Gtfobae" Nude Leak Scandal

The popular Twitch gaming streamer known as “Gtfobae” is embroiled in controversy after the nude photos and video clip below of her were leaked online.


For those who do not know, Twitch is an extremely popular video streaming platform used by pathetic mouth-breathing infidel nerds to watch frumpy looking girls like Gtfobae play video games… And as hard as it is to believe after seeing her naked, Gtfobae was one of the most popular girls on Twitch with nearly half a million degenerate dweebs subscribed to her channel.

But now Gtfobae’s channel is gone (no doubt deleted because of the fallout from these nude leaks), and frankly us pious Muslims couldn’t be happier. For not only is a woman playing video games blasphemous as it is strictly forbidden by the Qur’an, but any female who disparages the good name of submissives by wearing a belt around her neck while she rides some limp dick homofag’s tiny member deserves to feel great shame.

For a true submissive is a woman that will happily take her master’s meat scud in all three holes, and then wear the martyr vest to blow an even more gaping hole in an Israeli checkpoint.