WWE JoJo Nude Photos Leaked

WWE wrestling diva JoJo appears to have just had the nude photos below leaked online. These are clearly just the preliminary leaks, and we will be updating this page as more JoJo pics become available.


Of course JoJo isn’t the only celebrity in her family… For as you no doubt determined from their uncanny nearly identical appearance, JoJo’s fraternal twin brother Coco has been the spokesman… or spokesmonkey rather… for Coco Pops cereal for years.

Sadly JoJo is clearly squandering her talents in the WWE, for with her large powerful rump she would make an excellent plow maiden on a Muslim’s poppy farm. Which brings me to another point… Why did the foolish infidels use the dirt skin abids for cotton picking when their big clumsy paws make them ill-suited to the task? It would have made far more sense to utilize the Sub-Saharan slaves just to till the land, and then use Oriental slopehead slaves with their small dexterous hands to pick the cotton.