Dove Cameron Hard Nipple Pokies Selfies

Disney star Dove Cameron just shared two braless selfies of her rock hard nipples poking through her tight white tank top in the photos above and below.

Clearly Dove’s sinfully erect tit toppers are in a constant state of heightened arousal, as she obsessively fantasizes about being roughly taken in all of her sex holes by a virile Muslim man.

Of course after using our state-of-the-art Islamic image x-ray technology on this pic we have determined that Dove’s boobies are faker than CNN’s news.

Speaking of which, it is certainly a toss-up at this point between Disney’s casting directors and the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, as to who has shot more substances in Dove’s face.

If Dove Cameron continues with this plastic surgery addiction she is going to end up looking like a Snapchat video filter in real life.