Elvira Nude Ultimate Compilation

The photos and video below constitute the ultimate compilation of Elvira’s (real name Cassandra Peterson) nude moments.


As you can see in the video clip below, when Elvira wasn’t showing off her hairy cock box she was shaking her nude titties in the film “The Working Girls”.

With the Satanic heathen holiday of Halloween fast approaching now is certainly an opportune time to reflect on Elvira’s sinister nude debauchery, for she is a Western cultural icon who helped popularize both Devil worshiping and the equally evil push-up bra.

Of course it should come as no surprise to see that before becoming Elvira the “Mistress of the Dark”, Cassandra was a blasphemous redheaded whore. For only a soulless ginger could muster the levels of extreme degeneracy needed to create such a vile vixen of a character.