Emily Meade Nude Scene From "Trial by Fire"

The video above features Emily Meade’s nude scene from her new film “Trial by Fire”.

As a pious Muslim with a keen sense of Sharia justice, I could barely contain my excitement when I heard that the brazen Hollywood harlot Emily Meade would be starring in a movie titled “Trial by Fire”. However, once again the Zionist shysters who run heathen Hollywood have grossly misrepresented a film with its title to acquire more shekels for their underground coffers.

For this movie doesn’t feature a single scene of Emily going on trial for her numerous crimes against morality, and then being tossed in a cage, doused with pure Saudi Arabian crude, and lit ablaze… Hell it doesn’t even have Emily getting righteously flogged for her infamous cheerleader ass flash in the video clip above. That is why I give this film a paltry rating of one and half camel humps out of five.