Jessica Ashley Nude Photos Leaked

The gallery below features the complete collection of model Jessica Ashley’s nude and sex photos that have been leaked online.


As you can see these leaks span a number of years, most of which were before Jessica posed for Playboy and became the June 2014 Playmate of the month.

Like is nearly always the case with their models, by the time Playboy got around to signing up Jessica she was already a banged out old whore. Thankfully we have these leaks from Jessica’s college years when she was a coed at the University of Michigan… Who spent her days taking naked selfies, sucking cock, and getting her sin hole slammed by some d-bag with a giant musical clef tattoo… Who no doubt thought that he was a talented musician because he would sit at the student union and play the opening riff to Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” on his guitar.