Josie Canseco Nude Compilation

The gallery below features the ultimate compilation (to date) of model Josie Canseco’s nude photos.


Josie is the daughter of the famous roid monkey baseball player Jose Canseco. And as you can see from these naked pics, Josie has probably already had more balls bounce off of her chin than her Dad did off of his bat.

Yes, all of Jose Canseco’s hard work getting shots of bull testosterone in his butt just so his daughter could grow up rich in heathen Hollywood and take shots of a different kind in her ass.

No doubt Jose greatly regrets not selling his daughter to a virile Muslim for an 8 ball of coke back in 2005 when I met him at an autograph signing at a flea market. Now he has to do the right thing and grab his shriveled up steroid ball sack and a baseball bat, and stop Josie from further disgracing his clan’s name once and for all.