Kaley Cuoco Stripped Down To Her Thong On Video

“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco gets stripped down to her thong while on her knees in the video below.

Clearly Kaley is going to find out that the big bang is not just a theory, as she prepares to be vigorously sodomized by a virile Muslim male. Of course the proper posture in such cases (especially with a busted mug like Kaley’s) is face down and ass up with eyes downcast, but if that garment is left in the room to wrap around Kaley’s head then I’m sure an exception could be made.

Unfortunately for Kaley, once her mighty Muslim lover grows tired of clapping her booty cheeks (which shouldn’t take long) he will almost certainly give her the biggest bang of all in the form of the holy stones of justice being pelted off of her degenerate noggin.