Kate Mara Nude Color-Corrected And Brightened

As we can see when comparing the enhanced video clip above to the original nude scene below, there is no longer any hiding for the heathen harlots behind low lighting and annoying colored overlays. For us dedicated Celeb Jihadists will lay bare their blasphemous boobs, just as we have done to Kate Mara.

Kate Mara’s nude screen caps below from her (in)famous lesbian sex scene with Ellen Page in the film “My Days of Mercy” have just been color-corrected and brightened using the latest and greatest in Islamic artificial intelligence photo enhancing software.


It is simply outrageous that Kate Mara was foolish enough to think that she could get away with getting naked and lesbodyking with Ellen Page in the poorly lit scenes in this movie, and that us righteous Muslims would not use our immense genius to expose her titties in all of their depraved glory.