Keeley Hazell Nude Birthday Celebration

Former model Keeley Hazell recently celebrated her 33rd birthday by posting the censored nude photo above online.

Of course now that Keeley is 33-years-old and a decrepit worn out husk of her former self, no self-respecting Muslim man wants to see her naked. That is why to celebrate her birthday we have compiled and enhanced Keeley’s nude photos from when she first started modeling at 18-years-old in the gallery below.


Those of us old enough can remember a time when Keeley ruled the Internet with her beautiful all-natural bulbous breasts. Of course this was before the grotesque giant ass gutter skank craze took off, and high value females like Keeley were still being recognized for their Allah given talents in the infidel West.

Unfortunately instead of using her fame to land a coveted spot as a concubine in a virile Muslim’s harem, Keeley was bitten by the acting bug (after appearing as a frozen whore in the scene above) and she now lives in Los Angeles and struggles to land roles as her uterus rapidly turns to dust.