Miley Cyrus' Updated Nudes And Lesbian Single Life

Miley Cyrus recently announced her separation from her husband Liam Hemsworth citing “irreconcilable differences” after the actor broke Miley’s favorite oversized black dildo inside of his gaping homoqueer anus hole despite her repeated warnings that he was too rough with it… And so to commemorate Miley’s first divorce (of MANY), we have used our advanced Muslim image editing software to colorize and enhance a few of her nude photos below.


Of course now that Miley is single again she will certainly be returning to her vile gutter skank ways, and will constantly whore her naked body to show what an “empowered” woman she is.

Unfortunately Miley is going to also return to lesbodyking, as she has already been photographed kissing (fellow recent divorcee) model Kaitlynn Carter while laying around in a bikini in the pics below.


Clearly Miley once again chopping off her hair and not shaving her armpits is just around the corner as well.