Nadine Velazquez Nude Photo Shoot

“My Name Is Earl” star Nadine Velazquez poses fully nude in the photos above and below.

There is no denying that these Nadine Velazquez photos are her most erotic work to date… Not because she is showing off her blasphemously bare female body of course, but rather because she appears to be contemplating suicide while standing on a ledge looking out that flimsy glass window.

What a glorious thing it would be if Nadine were to take her own life. It would certainly save us mighty Muslims the time and effort needed to dig a hole and collect stones for her lapidation. Besides Nadine really has nothing left to live for, as her acting career has hit rock bottom… As you can see from the video clip above of her playing jigaboo actor Denzel Washington’s Mexican prostitute in the film “Flight”.