Rihanna Nude Photos From Her New Book

Primitive primate pop star Rihanna previews her upcoming book (creatively titled) “The Rihanna Book” with the nude photos above and below.

Reportedly not only will Rihanna’s new book features photos of her topless squatting behind rocks taking dumps and her bent over farting in the face of an assistant, but also many original works of art… Including Rihanna’s famous stick figure depictions of water buffalo being hunted on the African plains (all drawn with her own feces).

Yes, Rihanna’s hopelessly depraved and mostly illiterate fanbase will be happy to learn that her book won’t feature a single written word. In fact, even the publishing information on the inside jacket will just be a picture of some hooked nose Heb counting out his shekels.

No doubt upon completing the book, Rihanna’s handlers rewarded her with an extra serving of pig’s feet and grape drink before herding her back into the her cage for the night.