Alexandra Daddario Nude Shower Video

The long dry spell is over, as Alexandra Daddario appears to have finally exposed her extremely halal nude body in front of the camera once again in the shower video above.

Of course who could forget Alexandra’s classic nude scene from the HBO series “True Detective” (color corrected in the video below).

However, after so much critical acclaim for her perfectly formed titties Alexandra became quite full of herself, and she foolishly began believing that she could make it as a serious actress. Thankfully she appears to have finally come to her senses, and is once again fulfilling her Allah given purpose of providing erotic pleasure.

Yes gone are the days when Alexandra Daddario fans would have to make due with hints of nipple like in the video clip above…

No doubt in the near future Alexandra will fully embrace her return to whoredom, and she will be getting finger banged on the big screen in scenes like the one above.