Dove Cameron Behind-The-Scenes Naked Casting

In recent months we’ve heard firsthand of the sickening degeneracy that goes on behind-the-scenes in heathen Hollywood, as actresses regularly whore themselves to fat slimy Zionist producers to get ahead. Of course Disney stars like Dove Cameron are the most notorious of these sorts of brazen Jezebels, as we can see in the casting video above of Dove with no panties on and her jeans unzipped preparing for an “audition”.

Yes Dove has been a regular on the Hollywood casting couch circuit ever since her days as a child star on the Disney Channel. That is why it comes as no surprise to see her some so comfortable with these sorts of slutty naked auditions like in the photo above.

Unfortunately for Dove she must not audition very well, for with her angelic good looks and complete lack of morals it stands to reason that she should be a much bigger star by now. Perhaps she should try taking some “head shots”… for she’d look great with cum on her face.