Elle Fanning Barely Nude Photos Leaked

Actress Elle Fanning barely shows any nudity in her recently leaked set of photos below.


This is perhaps the worst celebrity leak to date, as Elle Fanning provides further proof that so-called “Millennials” are a bunch of lousy layabouts by only taking one exposed topless photo in which only one of her tiny titties is visible.

Just to add insult to injury the leaked video above from Elle’s set is equally boring, as it shows her flaunting her shitty nail polish like a vapid twit. Clearly Elle is a far more brazen whore than these leaks illustrate, and the poor quality of this set is due to her incompetence and laziness instead of her humility. Rest assured that a strongly worded fatwa denouncing this atrocity is being drafted, and it will be delivered to Elle post haste.