Juno Temple Nude Photos Leaked

“Vinyl” star Juno Temple has just had the nude photos below leaked to the Web.

One would have though that Juno Temple’s leaked pics would feature more than just her small yet remarkably saggy tit sacks and a candied cock in her mouth, for she is one of the most degenerate sluts onscreen in heathen Hollywood. However as we learned from the JLaw leaks, a celebrity’s public persona is often the exact opposite of what is going on in their private life… Although admittedly Juno is certainly still a brazen whore.

My Muslim intelligence sources assure me that in the coming week there will much more substantial celebrity nude leaks. However, for the time being the more tame sets like Juno Temple’s are still useful to illustrate the important point that Hollywood is a rat’s nest of depravity, and every woman in it needs to be stoned vigorously once Islam finishes conquering the West.