Justin Bieber Confirms He Is Jewish

Is Justin Bieber Jewish? The answer appears to be an emphatic yes!

The mystery of how a dorky scrawny Canadian who was born without discernible sex organs could take the world be storm has long baffled scientists. However, now the secret to Justin’s success has been revealed… Justin Bieber is Jewish.

As you can see in the photo above Justin recently got a Hebrew tattoo. The tattoo reportedly says “Christ Killer”, a reference to the fact that the Jews killed Jesus.

If that wasn’t enough damning evidence of Justin Bieber’s Jewyness, take a look at the video below. Before Justin goes on stage he recites “The Shema” in Hebrew.

The translation for the prayer is “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One”. This is proof positive that Justin Bieber has sworn allegiance to Judaism.

Now that it has been revealed that Justin Bieber is in fact a Jew, his rise to stardom serves as further proof that there is a Jewish Zionist Illuminati that controls the world’s media… and it is pure evil.