Kristen Wiig Nude Screencaps From 'Welcome To Me'

Kristen Wiig gets naked for the first time ever on camera in the screencaps below from her new movie “Welcome To Me”.

Of course it is impossible for women to be funny (with the one exception being when they inadvertently crap themselves while birthing babies), so the fact that Kristen Wiig calls herself a “comedian” should be a real red flag. For only women with sad saggy tits and busted up vaginas would even dare to attempt comedy with their tiny feeble brains.

If Kristen Wiig wants to make up for the fact that when naked she looks like someone let the air out of her while simultaneously kicking her in the cunt with steel toe boots, then she should wear the martyr vest. It would certainly be less painful for Kristen to just blow herself at an Israeli bus stop, then it is for her to continue her futile attempts at humor… and the aftermath would certainly be a more pleasant sight then this nude scene.