Miley Cyrus Releases Attack Video Against CelebJihad

Puppet of the Zionist infidels Miley Cyrus just released a possibly drug induced attack video against CelebJihad and “the paparazzi”, who she claims makes up rumors about her.

In the video below Miley Cyrus appears dazed and her pupils are dilated as she goes on a nearly 9 minute rant which starts off with references to her love for bestiality. Miley then babbles on about random subjects like her run in with police and how California is a great “city”. Finally Miley questions our journalistic integrity and demands to know the “sources” for our various stories about her.

This Miley Cyrus video is a fascinating expose into the mind of a sick celebrity sociopath. Fellow celeb jihadists we must study this video, so we can try to understand the twisted psychology of the infidel celebrity. If we can find a way to get through to these celebrities we may be able to use them against their Zionist masters, and bring about the final victory of Islam over the degenerate West.

Here is the Miley Cyrus attack video. Be warned some of you may find it quite disturbing.