Proof That The Meghan Markle Nude Photos Are Real

As you can see, the photo above is undeniable proof that the Meghan Markle nude pics which were leaked last week are 100% REAL!

While Kensington Palace denies their authenticity, and the Zionist controlled mainstream media continues to cover-up their existence by not reporting on them (no doubt as part of some vast Illuminati conspiracy)… Us pious Muslims have done the necessary investigative journalism, and proven beyond all doubt that it is Meghan Markle topless in the photos, and that she was attending her longtime best friend Lindsay Roth’s bachelorette party in Greece at the time.

Of course it makes perfect sense now why Meghan Markle was running around topless, as Greece has become the port of choice for many virile Muslim invaders refugees entering Europe. Clearly Meghan was hoping that by prostituting her protruding tit toppers like this, she could cuckold Prince Harry by getting her sin holes blown open by a Muslim’s massive meat scud.

The Queen has no choice now, she must try to mitigate the great shame brought upon the Crown by calling off Meghan and Harry’s wedding immediately… Then she must order that Meghan be dragged into the middle of Trafalgar Square, and thoroughly flogged with a whip made from stiff Nile reeds.