Sasha Luss Nude Photos Collection

Model turned actress and star of the new action film “Anna”, Sasha Luss’ complete collection of nude photos have been compiled into the gallery below.


Of course Sasha Luss’ story is perhaps the most tragic of the #MeToo movement, for after years of whoring her body as a model she finally got her big break when (after an extensive and nauseating audition process) she landed the lead role in the new Luc Besson film (the man responsible for such movies as “The Fifth Element”, “Taken”, and “The Professional”).

Unfortunately for Sasha just as this “Anna” film was set to be released the #MeToo movement exploded and Luc (the French Harvey Weinstein) was accused of sexually assaulting numerous bitter old actresses. Not surprisingly all promotion for “Anna” was halted by the production company Lionsgate, and the film has been a complete flop. Thus Sasha’s buttering of Luc’s baguette was for nothing.