Alissa Violet Is Obsessed With Taking It Up The Ass


Social media star and actress Alissa Violet is completely obsessed with taking it up the ass, as you can see in the compilation video below.

Despite her blasphemously brazen sluttery, it certainly is refreshing to see an infidel woman with enough self-awareness to realize that her only purpose in life is taking dicks in her tight round booty.


Of course if Alissa hopes to experience the ultimate in anal adventures by having her sphincter stretched beyond comprehension by a Muslim’s massive meat scud, then she is going to have to wear the holy burka… Either that or behead her flaming homoqueer ex-boyfriend YouTube star Jake Paul. For that most glorious act we would forgive all of her past sinful transgressions, and rip her rectum to pieces in celebration.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Alissa Violet