Ashley Benson's Hottest Moments Video

“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson is putting together quite the slutty career for herself in heathen Hollywood. In the video above we have compiled her hottest depraved moments to date, so that they can be used against her during her inevitable trial in Sharia court.

As you can see from this video, Ashley’s one and only acting talent is her willingness to show off her sinfully immodest boobs. Unfortunately that is more than enough to sustain Ashley in the spotlight for many more years to come, as the degenerate kuffar masses have no standards when it comes to tits and will lust after them no matter how old and sloppily saggy they become.

Of course us Muslims would never have squandered a natural resource like Ashley’s bulbous baby feeders, as she would have been milked dry daily from the day they first sprouted forth from her chest. Eventually when her mammary glands began to dry up, we’d slice them off her and turn them into water canteens or pouches for dried figs. A far better use of Ashley’s talents then filming them soaking wet slapping against the homoqueer James Franco’s face in some pool.