Bebe Rexha Twerking Her Ass In A Thong


Singer Bebe Rexha twerks her big bulbous booty while wearing a black thong bikini in a pool in the video below.

With her enormous round meaty rump Bebe Rexha is certainly an impressive beast of burden, and one that every red-blooded Muslim man would love to have chained up in his barn.

Unfortunately the tushy talents of top shelf female livestock like Bebe are squandered in the infidel West… For instead of being put to good use pulling the plow, digging wells, and fertilizing crops, Bebe is allowed to flap around her astonishing ass like a Sub-Saharan she-boon in heat. With such a gross misuse of agricultural resources it is no wonder that Western world’s fig harvests are so minuscule.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Bebe Rexha