Tips for Beginner Delhi Call Girls to Survive in the Escort Industry

Have you just entered the Delhi escort industry and are a little bit concerned about whether surviving will become possible here? Well, it looks like you have the same query that many newbies have during the initial stage of their careers. Escort work is very challenging, and surviving in a city like Delhi by beating the odds is even more difficult.

This post will share a few important tips for Delhi call girls who have just started this business. Go through the article and understand how to succeed in the escort world!

Have Complete Control

The best thing to do is to have complete control over things you are comfortable with. Make sure a situation where you feel obligated to do something that doesn’t feel satisfying arises in your life. Always have the power to say no when things don’t go as you have decided in the beginning.

You are the owner and distributor of your body that should be taken seriously. Perform an act that doesn’t create any sort of pressure on your body and mind in any manner.

Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness

It is essential to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness from the beginning stage of your career. It is critical not only to let your clients feel good but also to have a good impact on their health. Don’t forget to shower before and after the appointments as much as possible to keep the body fresh.

Also, always keep a few things that help maintain hygiene as much as possible. It includes mouthwash, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and other necessary items. It will ensure things stay fresh and the body always feels healthy.

Play Safe

A mistake we often see newbies make in this business is not taking safety seriously initially. The course of action should always stay safe as there are tons of sexually transmitted diseases that can affect the body. Always use a condom for protection as it isn’t only crucial for your and the client’s safety.

We strongly suggest keeping a few things, like lubrication, condoms, body lotion, etc. for staying all the time. These things will ensure your health stays the utmost priority in every encounter.

Stay Ready for Anal

Whether it will happen at the first meeting or you meet someone who likes to have it in the 20th one, there will be a point in your career when you should go for it. There are chances of feeling fear initially, but things get better with time.

On top of that, Delhi call girls who like to enjoy anal earns much more than those who don’t. However, you still have a choice to say no to anal if your mind doesn’t feel up to the mark.


We believe the tips mentioned in this post can bring many advantages for newbies. Delhi call girls is a great industry that should needs dedicated women for sure.

What are your views regarding beginners joining this industry? Write about it in the comment section!