Close Up Video Of Katy Perry's Ass


The video above provides a close up look at Katy Perry’s ass as she bends over and struts around on stage singing about her lesboqueer sexscapades.

Seeing Katy squawking out of tune while she prostitutes her dumpy booty in this video just confirms that she is a completely talentless and utterly useless woman. For not only is her hindquarters far too puny and weak to adequately pull a plow, but the sound of her voice would certainly turn all of the goats’ milk sour.

Yes after getting a good look at Katy’s rump, I can now say with confidence that she is only suited for either working in the salt mines, or wearing the martyr vest. Of those two options the martyr vest is the less painful and more humorous way for her to go, as the “firework” jokes that would be made would certainly give us all a good chuckle.

Date: May 16, 2022