Elysia Rotaru Nude Scene From "Girlhouse"


“Arrow” star Elysia Rotaru shows off her nude titties in the video above from the film “Girlhouse”.

As you can see, there is surprisingly a lot to like about this Elysia Rotaru nude scene… For not only is her enormous breast gap large enough to accommodate the tremendous girth of a Muslim’s mighty meat scud, but she appears to take part in the halal foreplay of bouncing her breasts around while being violently bound and gagged.

Unfortunately Elysia’s sloppy sagging milk sacks jiggle in her daily life as well (as you can see in the video clip above)… Which is something she will have to corral with a thick wool burka and a roll of duct tape if she does not want to face the swift and severe Sharia stones of justice.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Elysia Rotaru