Emma Watson "Beauty And The Beast" Sex Scenes Red Band Trailer


When Disney announced that Emma Watson would be starring as “Belle” in the new live action “Beauty And The Beast” movie it was clear that they were finally ready to branch out into the world of hardcore pornographic filmmaking, for why else would they cast such a brazenly depraved whore?

Of course in typical Hollywood fashion Disney chickened out at the last minute and turned “Beauty In The Beast” into yet another one of their boring family friendly movies, thus completely squandering Emma Watson’s talents as a world class cock gobbler.

However the original vision for this film was not completely lost, for as you can see in the video above a red band trailer featuring a few of Emma’s since deleted sex scenes has been leaked to the Web. Rumor has it that the unedited version of the film featured over 52 sexually explicit scenes involving Emma Watson, including a particularly imaginative one in which Emma’s character “Belle” gets tag teamed by “Lumiere” the candlestick and “Mrs Potts” the teapot while “Chip” the teacup strokes his handle in the corner.

Date: May 16, 2022